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Nutravita, food-health Group for Auvergne, is a Cluster of Excellence and a “grappe d’entreprises” (business group) located in the Auvergne
Region (France). This association groups over 60 members from the industry (food, food supplement, and nutrition consultants), the research
fi eld (laboratories, research centers), the education field (education and training centers), the transfer of technologies, and institutional
Its objectives are:

– Gathering all actors involved in Nutrition and Health in Auvergne.
– Informing all of its members (fore-sighting, newsletters…)
– Initiating and coordinating innovative collaborative projects on the following themes:
Theme 1: repositioning the regional food products in a balanced diet.
Theme 2: preventing metabolic disorders associated with aging and the evolution of eating habits (muscle weakness, osteoporosis,
obesity and excess weight, type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases).
– To promote the Cluster‘s expertise by organizing communication and promotion events.
– To play a role in the development of the nutrition and health sector in Europe.

Imagini pentru Nutrisens


At Nutrisens, we strongly believe in health and well-being through food, without compromising on the taste of our products. This unique
positioning allows Nutrisens to offer a complete range of health food products through 3 major poles :
– Nutrisens Medical is the nutritional response to pathologies of patients in hospitals, retirement homes or at home : malnutrition, dysphagia,
diabetes, digestive troubles.
– Nutrisens Restauration is a health-positioning player in the Catering and Food service, offering salt-free, sugar-free, gluten-free meals, or
texture-modified meals.
– Finally Nutrisens Well-Being produces slimming meals and slimming programs and a sports nutrition range to be consumed before, during
and after effort.


Its specialist analysis covers the whole of Europe, the US and Asia. Samples are swiftly processed under strict temperature controls, via
express couriers such as DHL and FedEx.
RP Lab offers practitioners the following:
– A full interpretation, as well as a graphic representation, of the test results
– High quality scientifi c support, supervised by a scientifi c committee of international renown
– Expert scientifi c and medical staff, to clinically validate test results.

It is RP Lab’s mission to provide swift, high quality diagnostic analysis, whilst ensuring professional medical and scientific follow-up.
Test results can be given in 5 languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch).